Stylists' Picks!

  • Annie's Picks for August

    Adaptability is key when looking for the Stylist Pick for August!
  • Personal Styling Saves you Time and 💰 & it's just more FUN!!

    Whether you're looking to stretch your clothing dollar, save time, or just need advice, shopping with a professional stylist achieves ALL of that and it's FREE!  Learn more about what you can expect and why you're missing-out if you haven't tried it.
  • Achieve your Top 5 Resolutions by Feb 14th ❤️ !

    America selects the same Top 5 Resolutions every year. This year, we can help you meet your goals and do so quickly.  If not all 5, at least 4...we don't want to over-promise.  Let us show you how.
  • Boutique Gifting + Shopping Small = Big Wins this holiday season

    Can a boutique that focuses on styling really help the gift-shopper this season?  YES!  The shopper AND the receiver. And, not just now, but all year long.
  • Elevated looks that show you've arrived ready for Winter ❄️

    Making sense of the current "Must Haves" when your style and tastes have evolved beyond fast-fashion.
  • 5 Reasons to be VERY excited for the coming spring!!

    Spring 2022 is combining Color, Comfort, and Style - the kind we missed during social distancing.  Here are 5 trends we heard loud and clear and why you should be excited about what's coming!