Achieve your Top 5 Resolutions by Feb 14th ❤️ !

Happy New Year!  You decorated, you gifted, you merried (read: ate and drank) all with the intention of making up for it 'come January'.  If this is true of you, you're in good company.  A quick internet search for the Top 5 resolutions confirms that we're all in about the same boat.  Give me 5 minutes and I'll tell you how Bokabuku can help you meet at least 4 of those 5.

1.  Save Money - Even if your pool of funds is deep and expansive with a beautiful zero-edge perimeter with a waterfall overlooking the lake (oops - sorry, that metaphor caused me to drift a bit), it feels like a puddle when December bills come due.  So, like most Americans you vow to spend more efficiently.  Retailers experience that, too, and our resolution is your gain.  

  • Shopping sales often reveals in-season savings & next season wins!
    • Our January Clearance sale begins tomorrow (Friday, Jan 7th) and includes sweaters we presented in October as well as spring tops & dresses you'll love for the coming months.  We shop with an eye on "timeless" styles, so what you buy now won't expire.  You just get it at a savings.
  • Establish Year-Long Savings
    • Look for promotions that benefit you & your community.  We offer no-cost drives for local non-profits and savings for YOU as encouragement to participate.  Stay up-to-date on these events by subscribing to our store.  We'll make sure you're aware before anyone else!

2. Get Organized - Have you ever thought, "THIS year, I'm going to go through all the deepest recesses of my closet and donate ALL the clothes I used to love but haven't worn in 20 years"?  Seriously, I'm looking for validation - other people say this to themselves, right?...It's not just me?  

  • Clear the clutter - I personally do love the Marie Kondo method and have done it many times.  But, do socks spark 'joy' for you?  I hear from a lot of people that the method doesn't work them.  So, do this instead: 
    • Put on the clothes in your closet/drawers -
      • Do they look good?  Do you feel good?  - WIN!!  
      • Are they too small/big?  Is that ill-fit going to make you feel bad everytime you look at them?  Are they taking up space you could use for pieces that make you happy? - DONATE!!  Someone else is going to be absolutely JOYFUL to find them as a gift or in a thrift store (hint-hint...more to follow on this below)
      • Make room for pieces that make you smile when you walk into the spaces of your home.  Life's too short to get guilt from your closet.

3. (Resume) Travel - OK, so admittedly, Bokabuku can't help with your travel goals.  However, our friendly stylists all have extensive travel backgrounds and can help you select the outfits and travel gear to make you feel great when you get where you're going.  We could even share a tip or 2 about getting there, staying there and, um...eating there.  We like dining.  A lot.  

4. Grow Personally - Whether this means you want to read more or find/expand a favorite hobby is going to vary for you personally.  But, as a mentor recently told me - give it 3 months.  In 3 months you can plan & take a vacation, establish a new habit, or even write a book.  Just break it down to manageable pieces and START.  The first step to achieving is starting.  So, here goes:

  • I want to introduce you to Radical Restoration in Burnet.  This central Texas non-profit aims to end the cycle of recidivism.  77% of prisoners will be arrested for a new crime within 5 years of release.  Radical Restoration offers recently released women a home, teaches them a trade and/or sets them on a path to establishing a new life and all due to the donations from their community.  Here's how you can help:
    • From now until Valentine's Day, bring a gently used piece of clothing or shoes to Bokabuku.  Each piece earns you 15% off a new piece from our collection.  You don't even need to have your donation cleaned first.  Just drop it off & let us show you something new.  We'll even toast to your own efficiency! (One trip does it all)
  • Your donations are 1st offered to the ladies in their transitional homes AT NO CHARGE to help them prepare for job interviews and important steps in their new lives.  Clothes don't make the woman, but feeling like you look great boosts confidence to help you do amazing things.  Their founder, Dawn Knighton-Adkins (herself an inspiring success story) said it's amazing the number of times one of her ladies says, "I wish I had a pair of black booties to go with this", and boy if those booties don't appear the next day in a donation.  The joy and excitement is extraordinary.  Don't you just want to be a part of that??
  • Next, your donations go to their not-for-profit thrift store, which sells all their pieces for discretionary donation (i.e. no prices - pay what you can, or what you'd like to donate).  ALL of the money goes back to their mission.  And, the thrift store is staffed by people looking to learn and earn.  Talk about a purpose-driven group of people. 

5.  Prioritize Wellness - For most of us, that means get fit.  As you know, Bokabuku's mission is to champion the motto "Be OK as you Are".  No matter your shape or size, we want you to feel good and look great AS YOU ARE, not someone else's image of you.  So, as you achieve your goals for your outer self as well as your inner self, we're here for you.  We'll help you find the style that's right for YOU.  Even bring in pieces you love and want to keep, but don't know how to coordinate and we'll get you going in the right direction.  We're (un-)licensed style counselors.  That's a thing, right?

So, travel out to us over the next few weeks to save money, clear your clutter, give back to the community and improve your mental outlook.  Wow!...who knew that shopping at Bokabuku could be so good for you?!?  See you soon.

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