Boutique Gifting + Shopping Small = Big Wins this holiday season

At Bokabuku, we're pleased and flattered to hear our customers say they find pieces in our store that speak to them in a way that's unique and often feels personal.  How does this convey to gifting everyone on your list?  Easy!  We know your time is precious and going multiple places only to find the same thing in each isn't a good use.  So, we've been studying what other stores have to offer and we are proud to show you some unique options.  Here are some of our favorite gifting ideas for your loved ones and a hint or 2 you can share with anyone shopping for YOU!

#1:  BEADS!  Why do we love them so?  Because they add a touch of elegance to an evening outfit as well as a flash of fun to a casual ensemble.  And, they don't break the bank.  Filled with BeeCave pride?  We can help you check that box, too!

#2:  Jackets take a look from "T-shirt & jeans", to "outfit".  And, these fitted knit jackets accomplish that like none other.  They even pair beautifully with dresses.  The sizing is super-flexible, which helps for gift giving, because it moves with you - never binding or restrictive.  Worried about investing in a light-colored jacket?  They're machine-wash.  And, the weight ensures they're perfect for all year long - even in Texas.

#3:  Fine Jewelry always dazzles Christmas morning and our pieces are made right here in Texas!  Support your local artists and have a unique piece like none other.  Andrea Barnett has been a fixture in Dallas, Texas for decades now while allowing her precious metals and semi-precious stones to be informed by centuries of history.  This clever piece is both/either a bracelet and/or a necklace!  We're also very pleased to have a pop-up offering of Sikara & Co this holiday season.  On-line we only have a few pieces, so come in to see the entire array.  Sikara's line dwells in Austin yet is inspired by world travel and incorporates precious metals and the special properties of brilliant semi-precious stones.  Also, we haven't forgotten about the men in your life!

#4:  Easy exchanges!  Becky, Ann, Melissa and Annie (not to mention our weekend & holiday team) want you to be 100% pleased with your look.  If a piece is off the mark, no worries!  We're going to make it right.  All of January, we'll honor exchanges (custom hats excepted).  No questions asked.  We gotchyou.

#5:  Shopping with us this holiday season ensures we can keep this relationship going all year long.  Ever walk up to a space only to discover the store you used to love isn't there anymore?  It happens to all of us.  The adage of "use it or lose it" is rarely more accurate than in the retail arena.  Jeff Bezos will be just fine regardless of how you share your holiday dollars.  We'll be MOST appreciative if you choose to share them with us. In exchange:

We'll continue to buy the brands and styles that YOU like.  And, we'll make time to show you how to build them into your new & existing wardrobe. 

We'll continue to share our space with other local artists like these hats you've been LOVING! 

We'll continue to greet you when you arrive for the first time or the 20th, and hopefully in a way that makes you feel like a neighbor...because you ARE! You're our community. 

And, keeping us around ensures that we participate in community events that help to keep the BeeCave and the Lake Travis area uniquely beautiful.  

So, stop by, lift a glass, and let us help you give & get the gifts that celebrate what makes you, us and our gorgeous community unique!

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