Elevated looks that show you've arrived ready for Winter ❄️

So, yesterday was the 4th of July and suddenly, it's nearly Thanksgiving! How does this happen?  Well, for one thing, we live in Texas where the holidays and seasons don't align quite like they do in the magazines. Sweater weather for us isn't a season so much as it's a day here and there.  However, we WILL eventually see cooler temps and we'll want to be ready to mix it up a bit. 

We got a little tired of all the advice on what you "Must Have" this season when over and over again, the lists appear to be adapted to size 0 and women under 30.  Versions of this same fun stuff for those of us who want to achieve "Mom Chic" are out there and it doesn't take much looking.  Below, we've adapted some of the most popular trends to guide you - and be sure that we've stocked up at Bokabuku!

Full-Length Tailored Pants:

We love the lengthy look long pants offer.  In-keeping with our "Be OK As you Are" motto, we sometimes struggle to find 'long' pants that still adapt.  However, this season, we have several offerings that check that box. These Paper Bag Waist Pants achieve the long legs and adapted waistline we were looking for!  They even added pockets without adding any extra bulk along the hips....a modern miracle if you ask me.  And, a more elegant holiday outfit, we have these sleek pocketed satin pants.  The wide legs give you room to move and be comfortable while everyone else is adjusting their Spanx (again).

Chunky Sweaters:

When I was in college, a pair of tight jeans and an enormous sweater was my go-to.  Now, I worry that the thrift store sweater I used to live in makes me look like I'm trying to hide my flaws under even bigger flaws.  Enter this great Italian sweater.  Long when you want it to be and sheer enough to add a touch of sexiness - still subtly light enough for you to give it a little tuck.  We've also gotten in several Hi-Low sweaters like this one.  They allow you to cover your leggings-clad bum while giving ZERO impressions that you're trying to hide anything at all.

Cotton Tops:

Back to the whole Texas dilemma, the struggle is real when you have 80-degree days in November (sigh).  Opt for crisp cotton with long sleeves and a tailored collar.  This one just arrived and pairs beautifully with our snap-front crop pants in an array of fall colors.  Maybe it's the crinkly sound of the fabric, but it makes me sense a little crips-ness in the air even when it's mostly just in my head.


Maybe it's because we were all at home for so many months, but the world seems to be craving vibrant color more so than most prior falls and winters.  Are you noticing that, too?  This crazily magnetic pattern is available as a top and as a dress.  Pair the top with a hot pink skirt, or the dress with bright red shoes and you make a splash that brightens any room.  

Faux Leather:

It's all the rage.  I know you're seeing it everywhere and we've got a selection that's supple and sophisticated.  You can source these pieces anywhere and sometimes for VERY little cash.  If that's your goal, you have many options.  If you want to go after something that will last you for a bit, wear well, and be machine washable, start looking here.  And, our famously comfortable Faux Leather Jackets are en route to the store now (!!) in several colors.  They've been featured this year as one of Oprah's holiday favorites, so HURRY in to get yours!!

Wraps and Ponchos:

These are really the key to being comfortable in this variable climate, right?  If you're traveling where it's cold, you'll need to check out our cashmere.  On the other hand, when we have 50-degree days here (and, we will), it's an easy layer to throw on for outside and discard when you're in.  It's also a tremendous gift - because...cashmere.  Right?  We have several fun colors in now, and more coming!

You've earned great quality with a touch of comfort and ease.  Is it easy to find? Not always.  Have we got you covered?  Absolutely!  And, for those times that you just want to talk through what you already have and how to put it together, we're here for that, too. Our goal is for you to think of us when you want to look "put together".  Does that mean pushing out trendy clothes that only hold up for this season, or loading you up with unflattering pieces that drive up our sales metrics?  Nope.  It means being here for you how and when you need us and ensuring you get compliments.  #LifeGoals

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