5 Reasons to be VERY excited for the coming spring!!

Melissa and I just returned from Spring/Summer market at Dallas Market Center and I can't TELL you how enthusiastic we are for these lines to hit the floor.  Well...technically, I guess I can..because I'm gonna.  

#1:  Faux Leather is here to stay! 

This fabric, once lovingly referred to as "pleather", and often known to our clients as 'liquid leather' is going to be even MORE prevalent from now on.  For us, some black A-line faux leather dresses just arrived yesterday (that you HAVE to see!).  Our vegan suede dusters are selling out.  And, we're eagerly awaiting a shipment of our knit moto-style jackets in Ivory, Soft Pink, timeless Black, and Royal Blue.  Any day now!!  As we move into spring, we're adding Sky Blue and Cobalt.  And, more...

#2:  Speaking of the softer colors

BLUSH is the color you'll be seeing everywhere.  She's not asking her big sisters Fuschia, Magenta or Hot-pink to step aside, but she's clearly taking the spotlight.  We're getting her in tops and bottoms.  Look for a classic city short, dresses, jackets, and tanks to hit the floor in all fabrics: linens, cottons, wrinkle-proof poly-blends, silk and of course, the aforementioned faux leathers.  When I say I can't wait - I'm not telling stories.....we actually snuck out a few personal pieces to tide us over.  

#3: The classics are usurping the comfies

Athleisure is (thankfully) giving way to classic and timeless (as it should).  Everything has a time and a place, right?  We still need our yoga pants, but clearly, the world is enjoying a reason to dress again!  Flattering and traditional wrap & ruffle dresses in brilliant colors will hang beside feminine ruched tops that pair alluringly with loose linen, wide leg pants.  One leisure hold-over we can't do without: Pockets!  Rest assured, we can confirm that pockets are organically integrated into all these new fashions.  We feel seen.....(wiping a happy tear)

#4:  FUN is in again! 

Yes, it's a tank top, but look at that swish at the hem!  Of course it's a timeliness collared sleeveless poplin.....but look at the PLEATING!  Girly detailing at the shoulder made us swoon.  A racerback 2-piece that crosses in the FRONT and looks 100% like a jumpsuit (addressing the ladies room challenge that comes with 1-piece suits) gave us the vapors.  Surprises were the big surprise at market - and, they were abounding.

#5:  Layering is the answer (Well, love is, but NEXT to love...)

Whether it's just a sensational jacket over a colorful top, or multi-strands of gathered necklaces, people are being seen and WANT to make an impression again.  Throw-and-go is necessary in life, but it can't BE your life.  You need some pizazz and the designers are bringing it!

So, all that to say, Dallas did not disappoint!  And, our favorite designers have heard you.  Spring 2022 clearly seems to be the answer to 18-ish months of prioritizing comfortable over fashionable.  And, the best part is:  THAT was the push they needed to combine the two.  You guys will be comfortable AND fashionable in ways you never dreamed.  Be excited - be VERY excited!

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