Personal Styling Saves you Time and ūüíį & it's just more FUN!!

I can hear many of you already:  I know my size and I know my style - I just want to look.  I can HEAR you because I've BEEN you!  It will come as a surprise, since I basically shop for a living now, when I tell you that I used to HATE shopping for clothes.  Kids' clothes, I loved buying.  Even ties for my husband could be fun.  But, shopping for MY clothes was an ordeal for which I just really didn't invest time, money or energy.  So, I'd quickly browse the sale racks and face-outs by myself and snag a few things I knew would fit.  And, occasionally I'd come up with AMAZING deals on good brands and basic pieces that I could add to my wardrobe.  Only, they weren't that basic (informed by my style 15-20 years ago) and they didn't fit quite right, and ....they didn't actually save me money in the end because I didn't use them.  When I turned 40, I had a girlfriend who was always so well put-together and I asked her her secret:

A personal stylist.  Really?? 

Aren't those expensive?  They're free.

Yeah, but that's just a gimmick to up-sell you on their products, right?  No, they also give you really good advice and tips about things you already have, or where to go to round out your wardrobe.

....What's the catch?  Ummm...none.

So, the die was cast.  I made an appointment to meet her stylist.  I had one goal:  take me from "busy professional/frazzled mother" to "sophisticated 40-something who knows where she's going".  Good luck with that, I said sarcastically.  She said:  Nope - I got this.  And, she did.

In time, I learned that having someone to guide me through the selection process and point me toward better choices saved me time and money.  She was a lighthouse helping me navigated attractive trends that were ultimately fun, but just (expensive) flashes in the pan.  And, it gave me confidence in the outfits I was putting together - my assuredness when I entered a room dramatically increased!  And, that's why it's important to us at Bokabuku to help all of you experience this level of service and learn for yourself how and when it can be a real asset for you.  Consider this:

1:  We know the inventory!  

We bought the pieces that you see when you visit our store.  We know what we chose and why. 

Before we head to market, we know what we'd LIKE to find and we set out to shop just like normal, albeit on a slightly larger scale.  And, there are many buyers who sit back, sip champagne, point at pieces and ask for the 6-ft-tall, size 2 model to spin around once more before making their final selection.  WE, on the other hand are the buyers who peel off their clothes right there in the showroom and start trying things on ourselves.  Prior to buying any piece! Often, more than one of us will try the same piece because we're each a different size with a different sense of style.  We need to know that a piece will adapt to a variety of clients and feel good on.  If it's not laying right, or we find ourselves talking each other into it, it's a hard-pass.

We know which pieces we skipped over buying because you probably already have them, or know that you can get them for next to nothing elsewhere. 

Do you have a graphic T you love?  So, do I.  You can get them everywhere, and you need some!  Oversized blazers?  Yep - they're super-cute.  Do you need one that's exquisitely made, or could you get by with one that will probably only last this season?  Lots of the trends don't need to last forever, so they're not investments per se.  We can give you advice about how to incorporate those pieces into your wardrobe and how to invest more wisely on staples.

And, while we try to arrange our floor by color, the burgundies coordinate well with the camels up front, and these ruffles go great with that satin top WAAAAAAY over there.  But, that's not obvious when you're seeing the selection for the first time.  So, browsing all by yourself might cause you to overlook something great.

2:  Experience:

Those of you who know us, know that none of us set out to be professional stylists.  But, I assure you that we've each been dressing ourselves for quite (quite) a long time. And, we've dressed many (many) of our friends - whether they wanted the advice or not (often not).  Nonetheless, you can trust that we'll give you clear and objective feedback.  

Really??....aren't you really just interested in making the sale?  Yep - I am.  And, another and another and another.  If I can send you out into the world where you get compliments, you're coming back!  And, likely you're bringing friends.  If I accomplish this, you're the best advertisement I could buy.  But, if I'm not honest, I risk the opposite effect and even worse - I might've ruined your day and you'll remember us for that.  #NotOurGoal 

Once we bring pieces into the store, we see them on our clients and I can tell you who loves what for why and how it might be exactly what (or exactly not) what you're looking for. And, once you start trying and giving us your feedback, that's even MORE important info to help us zero in on what's right.  

3.  Saves you time!

When you've shopped with us before, all you need to do is call, text or write and tell your stylist what you're looking for.  Prior to your arrival, we will have already pulled some pieces in your sizes and based on your needs plus what you've bought in the past.  Sure, you should look around on your own - that's indispensable.  But, having us cull the inventory ahead not only assures you get the best selection of your sizes, colors and styles, but you'll have a jumping-off point just waiting for you when you arrive!  (And, maybe even a glass of bubbles)

Have a challenging schedule?  We keep boutique hours and that's not great for some people with tricky calendars.  Make an appointment with us to arrive when it IS great for you.  That's no trouble!  Maybe it's before 11 on Saturday, or after 6 on Wednesday.  We can work it out - just call.

4.  Personalized Attention

Not unlike the relationship you have with a hairdresser, manicurist of bartender (no judgment here!), we learn your 'problem areas' and your preferences for fabric and fit. And, we know that you toggle between Austin and Colorado, or Austin and Florida.  We'll develop a shorthand that cuts through a lot of the discovery process.  This doesn't mean that we won't occasionally try to nudge you out of your comfort zone. But, we'll probably have an idea of what's "too far" to suggest. 

We say that we love our clients and we DO!  It genuinely makes us happy when you walk in and the more we get to know you, the more fun it is.  Our private, after-hours events....whoa.  They give us a chance to celebrate you, our friends, and they're FUN!! (regardless of your stance on impromptu nudi-boobies demos).

Need help in your own closet?  Bring pieces to us, or we'll come by and help you put things together in your own home.  We want to be your go-to.  No matter the level of service we provide, the cost is the same:  Just your satisfaction with your look and hopefully your trust. 

To wrap up - if we can be your personal stylist of record, that's awesome.  But, do we think you should have one SOMEWHERE, yes!  You probably don't go to the tire store and tell the guy "I'll know it when I see it", so why do you do that with your clothes?  You probably don't know what kind of tires your best friend sports, but I'll bet you remember something she's worn lately.

Your clothes don't make you, but they are a tool for presenting yourself before anyone even has a chance to say Hello.  So, put your best foot forward - save yourself time, money and stress.  We're more than happy to help.

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