Be believe that clothes should work for you, not the other way around.  Helping you select pieces that suit the body you have and enhancing your natural attributes is our passion.

Bokabuku represents the life-long dream of Becky “Bokabuku” (a childhood nickname).  Having recently stepped away from corporate America and looking for a way to fulfill herself creatively, Becky was inspired by the days when she designed many of her own party dresses.  Even as a young child, fashion and fabrics, color and style were her passions. Yet, at just over 5 feet tall, she struggled with the expense and effort to adapt clothing that fit well.  In her pursuit to address the needs of short girls, she found her purpose:  EVERY body has something unique that needs to be addressed. And, every body is beautiful in its own way.  Celebrate THAT!

Our goal:  Curate a collection of clothing that addresses many unique body types - without expensive alterations.  Fashion that fits well and complements your unique features brings confidence and JOY!  We bring our fashions and our JOY to you via our online shop & our store front @ the Hill Country Galleria in Austin (BeeCave), TX. 

Bokabuku was created to be a resource for well-made, women-produced, ethically made, often locally sourced clothes, accessories and gifts that fit many bodies! We are for all women who are young and vibrant yet beyond wanting to dress like their daughters.  Becky and her business partner, Ann, friends for more than 30 years, created Bokabuku to empower you to be OK! as you are – no matter what size, no matter what purpose.  You’re going to feel great in Bokabuku:  Be OK as you are...because you are BEAUTIFUL.